Peaceful Pause


Lately, I’ve been

Melting into slumber and cozying up in our new quilt, crafted with love by my Gram Ginny’s 91 year old hands, adorning our family bed.

Remembering fondly how fun and imaginative cardboard boxes can be for a child and brother, particularly one so large it carried a quilt!

Measuring slow, steady breaths and reminding myself that everything does not need to happen at this moment.

Listening to detailed adventures of a Transformer named Furno and his friend The Magnetic Superhero.

Embracing the Spirit of my home and family in all our chaotic, messy, loud splendor!

Shifting the energy of our home, cleaning up corners and forgotten spaces as we begin to spend more of our time indoors during these cold months. And Transitioning our home from Autumn to Winter, putting away the leaves and gourds, glittering the pinecones and Christmas crafting.

Giggling as my 4 year old wakes me every morning, pleading to open a new door on our Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar.

Connecting within, as so much energy is expended out during this month, and remembering to enjoy the pauses.

Creating holiday class ideas, snowflakes and poses…no two are alike.

Smiling as I discover my 1 year old’s love for music and movement, evidenced by his enthusiasm and grace during our music classes.

Missing family and friends back east, and Sending healing energy and blessings.

Holding hugs longer.

Dusting off my “big girl” boots in anticipation of a busy social month for this gal!

Channeling Star Wars Jedi use of The Force as I prepare class ideas for my spirited yogis.

Chanting All Is As It Should Be.


Welcome to Yogi Playground!

We’re delighted you found us. We’re just moving into our our little home here and will soon be full of exciting information, resources, and photos! In the mean time, please enjoy our “About” and “Class Schedule” sections. Feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or to schedule a private single or group class. We hope to practice with you very soon, and Happy Autumn in LA!



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