March Rolls in Like a Lion…

Oh the month of March! As a child growing up on the east coast, I remember this being the longest month, right in between the excitement of the winter holidays and the promise of a bright spring season ahead. As a teenager, I would dye my hair during this month to offset the teen boredom I was facing (remember Manic Panic!!). Now, as an adult & Mama, the month feels like it’s already flying by. I feel so blessed to be surrounded by children who remind me to be present, to enjoy this moment, and that yes, March has 31 long, beautiful days! This month also reminds me of the phrase, “March rolls in like a lion, and out like a lamb.”


In like a lion and out like a lamb…sounds like our yoga practice! For children, we jump, sing, sometimes cartwheel to our mat. I’m overjoyed to hear tales of the day, exciting family & school news, and songs that get stuck in our brains (what does the fox say?!). As adults, we often come to our mats with our To-Do lists, our anxieties, our hunger (I can’t wait for a giant sandwich after savasana!), or whatever is on our minds. And Out like a lamb…children transition from “silly” to “calm.” Adults connect within. Sweet, sweet savasana…ready and centered for the rest of our day.


Yogi Playground is so excited this month as I continue to TRUST the universe, MOVE with the ebb & flow, EXPRESS GRATITUDE for my life, and ENJOY the ride. Here’s what’s happening in our YP world, friends…


:: You may have noticed a lil’ name transition here…I’m still and always will be me! With extreme gratitude for my community, friends, & business relations over the past year, I come back to my foundation…Yogi Playground…my highest self. I’m excited to grow and share with you the journey and the offerings YP will be bringing this year! Stay tuned ~

:: New Classes! Our March Schedule is below…Please let me know if you are interested in trying or registering for any of our classes…Yoga is better when we do it together!

Tuesdays 1:00-1:45pm Beach Yoga in Solana Beach (this is a small outdoor group class, but open to children ages 4-7 who are interested…we practice on the grass & on the beach.)

Wednesdays 9:15-10am Platypus Kids in Encinitas…ages 1.5-4 years caregiver & me, monthly registration. Register in advance (you can still sign up for March and be prorated) here!


Thursdays 10:15-11am SoulShine Yoga in San Elijo Hills…4-5 years. Holy shmoly this is a fantastic new studio! And your first week of unlimited classes is only $10. Class is limited to 12 students, it’s recommended you sign up in advance on the site.

Thursdays 11-11:45am SoulShine Yoga in San Elijo Hills…ages 1.5-3 years caregiver & me.

Fridays 10-10:30am The Learning Tree Preschool in Cardiff (beginning in April).


:: Spring Themes! Oh how I love spring, such a time of renewal & cleansing. As Yogi Playground flows with the seasons we tap into how the earth is changing around us. How are our senses telling us that the season is changing? We’re also approaching Earth Day! Stay tuned for fun Earth Day events with Yogi Playground.

:: Girl Scouts! Did you know one of my favorite things to do is bring yoga to Girl Scout & Daisy troops? Seriously. I LOVE the opportunity to connect with so many strong, intuitive young ladies. Themes from past events include The True Meaning of Friendship, Self-Respect, Self-Care, Healthy Lifestyle Choices. Let me know what you are thinking for your troop!


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Happy MARCH dear friends of Yogi Playground! Thank you for the opportunity to practice yoga with your children. Wishing you and your families sweet moments of quiet connection and peace. Sending you deep gratitude and light always >>>


Namaste! Love, Beth


Let’s Hear it for The EARTH!

We bring our hands to the sky

And then we touch the Earth below.

We say Hello to the Sun

And then we plank and lower slow.

We salute the tiny snakes

And all the great big dogs

And we end in crescent moon.

(Inspired by The Yogi Pokey by Mini Yogis!)

This week we celebrated our Home, Earth! We discussed all the small things we can do to make a big difference for our planet. Some of the ideas shared were….

Planting, gardening, picking up trash, recycling, sharing, and one yogini said “helping the government” (!)

My preschoolers enjoyed reading The Earth Book by Todd Parr. Following the book we practiced poses such as bicycle, tree, mountain, flower, and various animal poses.

We also sang the song above and learned about Half Moon pose, which connects the earth and the sky, and celebrates everything in between! Of course we also enjoyed a whole lot of dancing since Earth Day is kind of like The Earth’s birthday 🙂

My first graders further explored how to help our planet. We worked in small groups to develop our own poses for the statements

:: We walk and bike when we can.

:: We pick up trash and recycle.

:: We use both sides of our paper to help the trees.

:: We use less water when brushing our teeth, showering, and bathing.

:: We give away old toys and clothes rather than throwing them away.

It was a really wonderful experience to watch the groups work together and come up with some very clever poses to help us remember these ideas. I took photos of each group which will be posted in their classroom!

In all my classes we practiced our focus and balance in tree poses, playing Windy Trees, and using bean bags and drishtis. What an experience to witness these yogis, with whom I’ve been working since September, find they can balance a bit longer! Their sense of surprise and accomplishment just shines.

Next week we’ll continue exploring and connecting to all that surrounds us. Happy Earth Day everyone! Love one another.


It’s Earth Month!

It’s a funny thing, planning “Earth Month” themes for children’s yoga classes. After all, Yoga is Earth – Respect for Mother Earth, all creatures, ourselves, one another. Yoga is Breath – Breath from the trees, clean air. Yoga is “living simply so others may live.” Throughout the year, these are the ideas on which we meditate and practice. This month we celebrate and honor Mother Earth.

With a return from Spring Break, my classes this week centered around planting, growth, and breath. We begin with soil and seeds, and we breath and we grow! In my preschool classes we planted magical flower gardens. In my first grade class we “took a walk in the rain.” In all classes we experimented again with our breath using pinwheels. We found that when we breathe deep from our bellies our breaths are longer and one student remarked that she felt “stronger.”

Throughout the month my main focus will be to cultivate and encourage an understanding and love for the outdoors. Happy Earth Month Yogi Playground Families & Friends!


…And Out Like a Lamb

April is upon us. This week we culminated many of our class sessions, and prepared for Spring Break. Culminations are always such a special time as we get to share our favorite poses, try new games, and, this week, I introduced “Yoga Buddies” to my preschool classes. Our Buddies helped us review some poses as well as sit on our bellies while we breathed, and cuddled up with us during seaweed savasana.

My first grade class took turns in Pom Pom races (using straws and pom poms), and lead the class in Yogi Says! My younger classes experimented with a version of Duck Duck Goose, called Yogi Yogi Dog. This game is an excellent intro to partner poses as well, as children crawl or slither underneath another’s downward facing dog.

I wish all my families much peace and laughter this spring break, and I look forward to our return in April….just in time for Earth Day!

Namaste! And Hello to a New Day!

Friday Class Reflections: Welcome Spring!

Spring has arrived, and brought a New Moon! What an ideal time for envisioning greatness, for setting our intentions out into the universe. And in our Yogi Playground classes this week, for celebrating all the gifts Spring has to offer, including fresh air and breath!

This has, however, been a challenging week for me. Germs took over our bodies and home, leaving both myself and my 17 month old son sick sick sick and sleepless. So much so that I had to cancel my Oak Tree class, a private group class in San Gabriel.

I was so bummed to have to miss the Spring Equinox with them this past Tuesday, but learned that The LA Arboretum offered it’s free day! The parents and yoginis gathered together to enjoy Mother Nature in all her glory. Yogi Playground field trip! I suggested that the yoginis share poses based on their observations….flower, lotus, tree, bird, the list goes on and on! And isn’t this what yoga is all about? Yoga as a way of life, on and off the mat….Namaste Oak Tree Ladies!

I’m happy to report that all are now well in my house, and I was able to celebrate spring with my dearest yogis, my 2 sons, at Descanso Gardens. Seriously, this place is so so wonderful! My 4 year old even found the opportunity to practice his Tree & Warrior Poses (note, without me asking!). I’m inspired to host a Yogi Playground “Off the Mat” series. Hmmmm……

In my school classes, we focused on breath. Using Pinwheels, straws, and cotton balls as props, we explored deep inhalations and exhalations and observed how these breaths made us feel. We also took an imaginary walk through the meadow where we encountered bugs, flowers, trees, birds, butterflies, among others! And of course, we practiced the corresponding poses.

My first graders and I told a Yoga Story about our Warrior’s Quest for The Magic Seeds. I love hearing their ideas. A lizard in the snow at the top of the mountain? Well sure!

Next week is a big culmination week! My first graders are preparing for Spring Break, and one of our classmates is moving to Bangladesh! It’s sure to be an exciting week. And my preschool classes are ending their 8 week sessions. How do we culminate? With a Yogic Celebration! An opportunity for all yogis to share their favorite poses through song and game.

Namaste to all my Yogi Playground families and supporters! May all be blessed with Love and Grace as we begin this new season of rebirth!


Yogi Beth