Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

“Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you.”



It’s Dr. Seuss week! All week long we’ll be practicing yoga inspired by our beloved author. I sure hope Sam-I-Am doesn’t ask me to try green eggs & ham! But then again, you never know until you try, right?

Love, Beth

“Wild Things” Yoga…A Tribute to Maurice Sendak

As I was eating breakfast this morning before teaching my preschool yoga classes, I learned the sad news of Maurice Sendak’s passing. Almost immediately, I changed my class plans for the day. After all, Mr. Sendak is a true inspiration, a bright light in the world of imagery and imagination for children and adults alike. It was decided. Today we would explore our “Wild” side with the book, Where the Wild Things Are!

I introduced the story to the children, explaining that Max was having one of those “wild” days. Do we ever have days when we feel particularly crazy or wild, or act out? Do we sometimes get into trouble if we chase the dog? We were ready to tap into our wild sides!

Here are some notes from our classes today:

We began in wolf pose. After reading the first page we howled at the moon.

When his mom sent Max to bed without supper, we were mad and sad in mouse pose.

As the forest grew, so did we! As shrubs on our knees to a great big forest of trees (tree pose). We held hands and tried extending our leg.

As the ceiling hung with vines, we swung side to side on our vines!

Max’s private boat arrived and we sang in boat pose, until we landed where…

The Wild Things Are!

We roared and clawed and showed our “terrible teeth!”

With “Be Still!” we sat in easy pose, with our eyes wide.

As Max was named King of All Wild Things, we put on our imaginary crowns, and practiced “King Dancer Pose.” Try not to let your crown fall!

And then…

“Let the wild rumpus start!”

To ‘Jungle Boogie,’ we truly let out our wild sides, dancing on our mats. When the music stopped, we practiced

Crescent Pose, leading into Half Moon Pose

Swinging from The Trees

Runner’s Lunge

As Max became lonely and The Wild Things slept, we sat again in easy pose, with our hands at our heart, and breathed Love and Blessings to someone special.

We took a roller coaster boat home, lined up one behind the other, until finally Max made it H(om)e, where his supper was still hot.

After the book, we talked about how we sometimes feel wild like Max, but no matter what, we are always loved. We then practiced finding our “calm,” while practicing our Dragon’s Breath and our Take Five, ending in a walk to the clouds where we rested in savasana.

Rest in Peace Mr. Sendak, and Thank You for allowing our imaginations to ROAR! Now, Let The Wild Rumpus Start!

Namaste Families. Love one another.