…And Out Like a Lamb

April is upon us. This week we culminated many of our class sessions, and prepared for Spring Break. Culminations are always such a special time as we get to share our favorite poses, try new games, and, this week, I introduced “Yoga Buddies” to my preschool classes. Our Buddies helped us review some poses as well as sit on our bellies while we breathed, and cuddled up with us during seaweed savasana.

My first grade class took turns in Pom Pom races (using straws and pom poms), and lead the class in Yogi Says! My younger classes experimented with a version of Duck Duck Goose, called Yogi Yogi Dog. This game is an excellent intro to partner poses as well, as children crawl or slither underneath another’s downward facing dog.

I wish all my families much peace and laughter this spring break, and I look forward to our return in April….just in time for Earth Day!

Namaste! And Hello to a New Day!

Friday Class Reflections: Welcome Spring!

Spring has arrived, and brought a New Moon! What an ideal time for envisioning greatness, for setting our intentions out into the universe. And in our Yogi Playground classes this week, for celebrating all the gifts Spring has to offer, including fresh air and breath!

This has, however, been a challenging week for me. Germs took over our bodies and home, leaving both myself and my 17 month old son sick sick sick and sleepless. So much so that I had to cancel my Oak Tree class, a private group class in San Gabriel.

I was so bummed to have to miss the Spring Equinox with them this past Tuesday, but learned that The LA Arboretum offered it’s free day! The parents and yoginis gathered together to enjoy Mother Nature in all her glory. Yogi Playground field trip! I suggested that the yoginis share poses based on their observations….flower, lotus, tree, bird, the list goes on and on! And isn’t this what yoga is all about? Yoga as a way of life, on and off the mat….Namaste Oak Tree Ladies!

I’m happy to report that all are now well in my house, and I was able to celebrate spring with my dearest yogis, my 2 sons, at Descanso Gardens. Seriously, this place is so so wonderful! My 4 year old even found the opportunity to practice his Tree & Warrior Poses (note, without me asking!). I’m inspired to host a Yogi Playground “Off the Mat” series. Hmmmm……

In my school classes, we focused on breath. Using Pinwheels, straws, and cotton balls as props, we explored deep inhalations and exhalations and observed how these breaths made us feel. We also took an imaginary walk through the meadow where we encountered bugs, flowers, trees, birds, butterflies, among others! And of course, we practiced the corresponding poses.

My first graders and I told a Yoga Story about our Warrior’s Quest for The Magic Seeds. I love hearing their ideas. A lizard in the snow at the top of the mountain? Well sure!

Next week is a big culmination week! My first graders are preparing for Spring Break, and one of our classmates is moving to Bangladesh! It’s sure to be an exciting week. And my preschool classes are ending their 8 week sessions. How do we culminate? With a Yogic Celebration! An opportunity for all yogis to share their favorite poses through song and game.

Namaste to all my Yogi Playground families and supporters! May all be blessed with Love and Grace as we begin this new season of rebirth!


Yogi Beth

Friday Class Reflections

In an effort to keep all my Yogi Playground parents up to date with all the fun themes and happenings in our circle, I’ll be posting Friday Class Reflections each week.

Oh March! Comes in like a lion, and out like a lamb….much like we do when we practice yoga! This month our classes remind us to take time to breathe, and of course this week we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day! What are some symbols we see around St. Patty’s Day? What does it mean to be lucky? What of this pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? This week, we meditated on Luck, or as I call them, Blessings. What are we lucky to have in our lives?

For my preschool classes, we played a game where we learned some new, and reviewed some familiar, poses. These included Rainbow Pose (with a partner!), 3 and 4 leaf clover pose, pot o’gold pose, and leprechaun where we had the opportunity to show off some of our own cool ‘tricks’ on our mats (thanks to one of my first graders who reminded me of the Leprechaun! Our children are so wonderfully creative).

In my first grade class we also explored these poses in more challenging ways, and told a group story of The Warrior and his search for the pot of gold. Our Warrior was finding himself in all sorts of predicaments, but when he finally went home and was still for a moment, he realized he had the pot o’gold the whole time, for his life was full of luck and blessings. He didn’t need more, but was appreciative of what he already had.

Our yogis also explored the Singing Bowl (our own pot of gold). The room filled with blessings as each  yogi tapped the bowl and filled it with something for which they are thankful.

As one preschooler said, “I’m thankful for all that surrounds me, and my teachers and yoga.” Heart melt.

All my classes went home with their own Pot O’Gold drawing, inspired by Alluem Yoga Kids.

It reads,

Rainbows hold treasures for both young & old, but what’s inside my pot is more precious than gold.”

How would you fill your pot?

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day and many Blessings to All!