Checking In….

Hello Dear Yogi Playground Friends & Family,

Just taking a moment to check in and say Hello! My Yogi Playground school classes and privates have culminated, and I’m now taking time to be fully present for my 2 young boys. My days are spent playing Transformers, filling water buckets to “paint” the driveway, and basking in spontaneous dance parties and cuddles. Ahhh…Summer Lovin’.

My family is also in the midst of a major life transition as we are selling our Silver Lake home and moving westside to support my husband’s new, exciting partnership at a design house in Santa Monica. I’ve been an eastside gal for 8 years now, living in Echo Park and Silver Lake, but evolution is vital and a GOOD thing, as I keep reminding myself.

While we deal with the chaos of showing our home (read: Keep it tidy with 2 kids!), looking for a new dwelling, dreaming of a beach side life, signing paperwork upon paperwork, and discussing emotions attributed to such change, I’m reminding myself to remain grounded and true. I am the Mama Bird of this house and it’s my responsibility to tend to my nest. No matter what wild changes may come, it’s most important that my children know home is within the 4 of us. Our family is home.

It’s been most insightful and heartwarming to talk with my (gasp) almost 5 year old about the move. When the “For Sale” sign was erected in the front yard, he cried to me, as I cried inside, and he said, “What if people buy the house and we still live here? There’s no room for them!” Ah, these babes of ours. After it became clear that new people will not be moving in with us, we talked about the nature of the house. How we spent the last 3 years repairing the house, tending to the orchard, growing a garden, filling it with Love and Light as only we could. Now it is time to pass it on to another family, so they can fill it with their own dreams, grow their own life. He said he knew the house would keep smiling.

And now, as we revel in our potato and lime harvest, we play more in the backyard. We stir up more limeade, and we leave our silent wishes with the bees and butterflies.

As Yogi Playground moves west, I will be taking a short hiatus from teaching weekly classes as I focus on my family. In autumn, I plan to begin my Seasonal Celebrations for children and families. I’ll also keep you updated on new class developments and exciting projects underway! In the meantime, remember to Breathe, continue to Love, and Savor the Cuddles in all your homes…

Namaste Dear Friends….