Friday’s Blessings…

Today I am thankful for

:: Breakfast with my sons. After a challenging morning preparing for another open house, my oldest son did not want to go to school. I debated keeping him home, but I knew he would have more fun at school once he got there. So instead I surprised him with breakfast at Fix in Echo Park. A little sweetness and Mama Love goes a long way. He declared, “I’m ready for school now Mama.”

:: Our Daycation with friends in Laguna Beach! What a wonderful way to spend a Wednesday, swimming and playing with friends above the world.

:: My meditation practice.

:: Our collective health.

:: My new Hoberman Sphere which I found for $3 at The Awesome Playground in Highland Park! Not only have I been using it in my classes, but I’ve stumbled upon both my boys taking deep inhales/exhales throughout the day. What a wonderful visual for breath. Time In, indeed.

:: My 5 year old son…5! He just celebrated his birthday last week, and I’m in awe of how sensitive, inquisitive, creative, and full of heart he is. Shine on Sweet Boy.

:: My almost 2 year old son! Such an independent spirit indeed. Lately our favorite outing is taking walks around the block, well actually I walk and he “drives” his ride-on truck. I smile from the inside out as I listen to him sing and drive. We culminate our walks with swinging and kisses in the backyard. His Light radiates, my beautiful angel.

:: My foundation. Yes, the foundation that we just spent sooo much money to fix and firm. But more so, the foundation I have with my husband, my partner. Throughout this whole process of selling and fixing and spending….oh my….we’ve remained solid, strong, a team. No matter how stressful life gets, we always manage to spend the evenings cuddled together with a glass of wine and a good laugh.

:: My son’s preschool. Lately they’ve been snacking on their harvest of snap peas, lettuce, and grapes, washing it all down with homemade lemonade. I couldn’t be happier with the lessons learned.

:: Friends. True friends. Nothing sweeter.

So many more Blessings I have in this life. These are just a few on which I’m vibing at this moment. Please do share your Blessings here or in your own space. Perhaps just  a moment of reflection.