Friday Class Reflections: Welcome Spring!

Spring has arrived, and brought a New Moon! What an ideal time for envisioning greatness, for setting our intentions out into the universe. And in our Yogi Playground classes this week, for celebrating all the gifts Spring has to offer, including fresh air and breath!

This has, however, been a challenging week for me. Germs took over our bodies and home, leaving both myself and my 17 month old son sick sick sick and sleepless. So much so that I had to cancel my Oak Tree class, a private group class in San Gabriel.

I was so bummed to have to miss the Spring Equinox with them this past Tuesday, but learned that The LA Arboretum offered it’s free day! The parents and yoginis gathered together to enjoy Mother Nature in all her glory. Yogi Playground field trip! I suggested that the yoginis share poses based on their observations….flower, lotus, tree, bird, the list goes on and on! And isn’t this what yoga is all about? Yoga as a way of life, on and off the mat….Namaste Oak Tree Ladies!

I’m happy to report that all are now well in my house, and I was able to celebrate spring with my dearest yogis, my 2 sons, at Descanso Gardens. Seriously, this place is so so wonderful! My 4 year old even found the opportunity to practice his Tree & Warrior Poses (note, without me asking!). I’m inspired to host a Yogi Playground “Off the Mat” series. Hmmmm……

In my school classes, we focused on breath. Using Pinwheels, straws, and cotton balls as props, we explored deep inhalations and exhalations and observed how these breaths made us feel. We also took an imaginary walk through the meadow where we encountered bugs, flowers, trees, birds, butterflies, among others! And of course, we practiced the corresponding poses.

My first graders and I told a Yoga Story about our Warrior’s Quest for The Magic Seeds. I love hearing their ideas. A lizard in the snow at the top of the mountain? Well sure!

Next week is a big culmination week! My first graders are preparing for Spring Break, and one of our classmates is moving to Bangladesh! It’s sure to be an exciting week. And my preschool classes are ending their 8 week sessions. How do we culminate? With a Yogic Celebration! An opportunity for all yogis to share their favorite poses through song and game.

Namaste to all my Yogi Playground families and supporters! May all be blessed with Love and Grace as we begin this new season of rebirth!


Yogi Beth

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