…And Out Like a Lamb

April is upon us. This week we culminated many of our class sessions, and prepared for Spring Break. Culminations are always such a special time as we get to share our favorite poses, try new games, and, this week, I introduced “Yoga Buddies” to my preschool classes. Our Buddies helped us review some poses as well as sit on our bellies while we breathed, and cuddled up with us during seaweed savasana.

My first grade class took turns in Pom Pom races (using straws and pom poms), and lead the class in Yogi Says! My younger classes experimented with a version of Duck Duck Goose, called Yogi Yogi Dog. This game is an excellent intro to partner poses as well, as children crawl or slither underneath another’s downward facing dog.

I wish all my families much peace and laughter this spring break, and I look forward to our return in April….just in time for Earth Day!

Namaste! And Hello to a New Day!

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