Season of Gratitude

Wow! I feel so¬† blessed to do what I love, and to share it with so many wonderful children. This season is by far my favorite…a time of Gathering, Family, Warmth, and Gratitude. Teaching gratitude to children fills me with so much hope for our future. This season my classes focus on heart opening, expansion, saying YES to life’s blessings.

With all this saying YES, and a full teaching and mama schedule, I’ve had little time to update and design this website. Thank you for your patience. With winter break upon us, soon it will be a home for Yogi Playground’s photos, resources, class ideas, and class experiences.

In the meantime to the Universe I say, “Thank you. More please.”

Happy Holidays to you and your families. May you be full of Grace, Wisdom, Passion, and Love.



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