About Beth & Yogi Playground

Beth is a mother, teacher, nature lover, dreamer, dancer, hooper, and yogi who dances in trees. She’s also never met a swing she didn’t like.


What is Yogi Playground?


Welcome to Yogi Playground with Beth,  a Southern California based Yoga Program designed specifically for children and their growing bodies and imaginations.
“Yoga as a way of life.”
Come Play and Breathe with us! Through stories, games, movement, and song, classes focus on themes designed specifically for children and their creative imaginations and growing bodies. Our classes cultivate yoga’s basic principles of Love, Kindness, Respect, and Health for all beings, including oneself! Beth fosters children’s self-esteem, builds strength, connects children to breath, reduces stress, improves concentration and focus, and promotes an overall healthy lifestyle.Most importantly, Yogi Playground with Beth is FUN!
What to expect in a children’s yoga class? Classes follow seasonal themes, cultivating an awareness and respect for our natural world. We use many props, songs, and games to help engage us and connect us to our Circle. Every child in our circle has a voice, and often these voices lead the classes in fun, creative, new directions! Children learn and practice traditional yoga poses as they are incorporated into our stories, and have the freedom to create their own poses! We also focus on breath, as a tool to find our “calm” and to help us focus. Yogis as young as 2 years old enjoy practicing Balloon Breath, Lion’s Breath, Dragon’s Breath, and many more! We end each class in song.
Beth Gamwell Guerrette, Mama of 2 boys, is a professional dancer, teacher, and dedicated yoga practitioner. With over 10 years experience teaching dance and yoga to children, Beth is very passionate about sharing and creating a solid, positive yoga foundation for children. Through Yogi Playground  with Beth, she shares and emphasizes the tools for recognizing and appreciating emotions, learning to breathe through stress, creating body awareness and impulse control, and loving oneself.
Beth received her training and certification through Next Generation Yoga in San Diego, and MiniYogis in Santa Monica.
Beth has taught extensively throughout Los Angeles as Yogi Playground, and is now teaching both dance/movement classes and yoga classes throughout north county San Diego.
Some of our schools and sites include
Ashley Falls Elementary School, Del Mar, CA
Ignite Yoga Fusion, San Elijo Hills, CA
La Costa Meadows, La Costa, CA
Platypus Kids, Encinitas, CA
Encinitas Public Library
La Jolla Public Library
Ribet Academy Eagle Rock, CA
Westminster Academy Eagle Rock, CA
Rose Scharlin Nursery School Silver Lake, CA
As well as private group classes in both LA and San Diego.

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