“I love yoga because it makes me calm. And you’re the best teacher.” – Eri, age 7


“Mrs. Beth, you are the best yoga teacher ever. I like you.” – Hailey, age 6

“We absolutely loved having you teach our K-3rd graders yoga.  You have such a wonderful, infectious way about your teaching which engages the kids and keeps them interested.  I was so impressed with your style and enthusiasm, and would recommend you to anyone interested in a positive yoga experience.  You made our kids slow down, breath, become calm and present, and yet they laughed and worked up a little sweat at the same time.  It was a true demonstration of healthy choice making for red ribbon week.” – Wendi, parent & school volunteer.


“I will miss you. I loved yoga.” – Steven, age 7

“We were so fortunate to have Beth teach at our daughter’s preschool, she is so wonderful with the kids and our daughter absolutely loved when she was able to take her class and she still loves to do yoga poses and so enjoys making up her own. She had such a positive experience and a wonderful introduction to yoga through Beth’s teaching. We will always be grateful.” – Tim, preschool parent.

“I have a very spirited three year old who literally runs from most organized activities. Not so with Beth and her amazing yoga instruction! The impact Beth has had on our lives and the ability to find calm and breath with our oldest cannot be overstated. I am incredibly grateful to her and sad that anyone would question the benefit of these classes. Yoga improves stress management, spatial memory and static motor performance in children. Best of luck Beth! You are missed!” – Jessica, preschool parent.

“I felt that the yoga worship helped the girls focus. They were able to understand the importance of listening to their own bodies through many deep breathing exercises. I also believe the girls were able to enjoy some quiet time as they have such busy lives with all the activates they seem to be involved with.” – Sandhya, Girl Scout Leader.

“My daughter was so fortunate to have you as a yoga instructor in her preschool. The fact that the school has yoga classes was one of the things that drew me to the school. It is so important for young children to learn to slow down occasionally and take assessment of how their body and mind are doing. Being in touch with one’s body and mind and being able to assess their current status is so important for children and grown-ups alike!
Thank you for all of the great classes you provided for my daughter and I hope that Encinitas can work out their disgreements so that the children can benefit from wonderful yoga classes like yours.” – Stacy, preschool parent.

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