Yogi Playground in Encinitas!

Wow, my dear yogi friends. So much has been happening since my last post. The most exciting of news is that Yogi Playground is now living in Encinitas, California, very close to San Diego!

After we sold our home, my family enjoyed some very much needed rest and together time in Encinitas. The magic here pulled us in, literally and figuratively. And it became clear that we needed a quality of life change. And the time is Now!

The transition has been a bit of a challenge, but once again I am the Mother Bird and I’m happy to report that my nest is thriving and over the moon giddy in our new town.

We continue to hold a lot of Love for Los Angeles, and I’ll be travelling back once every month for work, and to visit with my dear tribe.

What does Encinitas hold for Yogi Playground? We will see! For now, I’m fully present for my boys, taking many yoga classes around town for myself, and meditating by the ocean.

I do hope this post finds you all thriving, giddy, and embracing all life’s transitions….listening to your inner guiding voice, your intuition.

Namaste Dear Friends….